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Intensive In-Home Program

The Intensive In-Home Service programs are designed to provide extensive guidance and support to children and adolescents who are at risk of removal from the home due to mental, social, emotional and/or behavioral problems. The In-Home services are provided and monitored by experienced clinicians available to the client 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is a therapeutic intervention program with a concentrated focus on individual needs of the client and family. There is an eligibility requirement for this program. Participant must exhibit specific difficulties on a continuing intermittent basis. If you are interested in obtaining information about this program and admission requirements, please call and arrange for a free consultation. In addition, at least one parent with whom the child is living must be willing to participate with Intensive In-Home Services, with the primary goal of keeping the child with the family.





Eligible Virginia Medicaid recipients are encouraged to apply.